We see that being active and moving mountains (literally and figuratively) lead to experiences that help people and organisations grow.

That is why MountainMoves offers impactful experiences in the mountains for teams and leaders, as a catalyst for connection and growth in organisations.

For teams and leaders, as a catalyst for connection and growth in organisations.
MountainMoves works with a wide variety of companies and leaders. Some of them were in crisis, others were looking for growth. Our coaching is based on 3 pillars: COURAGE, DIRECTION and FIRE.

Our offering

Our activities are primarily focused on the mountains. In winter, we often do this by building igloos to sleep in together. In spring, summer and autumn, we also go into the mountains and the days are devoted to hiking, navigating and building your own shelter. Depending on the weather conditions. In all these seasons, we use the mountains and their elements as a metaphor for what is happening in your organisation.

The Igloo Expedition

Building your own igloo camp. In a place where nobody was yet. It takes courage to set off together to a place where there is nothing yet. Where fire is essential to keep you warm. And where you determine together the direction in which you will reach your goal.

The ultimate adventure to get to know your team better and to have an unforgettable experience.

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The Bivouac journey

Into the mountains with your team. Making choices together about important matters. Where to spend the night. How to get and keep the fire burning. And where you can experience the peace and space to reflect on themes. About how things work in the mountains. But also in normal life.

A unique opportunity to see how you and your team react to unexpected circumstances. While enjoying all the beauty that the mountains have to offer.

Reconnect Journey

A process of reconnection and focus on the future. Aimed at reconnecting with company ambitions, with each other as a team and with yourself. Central to the journey is a 4-day expedition in the wilds of the Alps.

Integrated into business life

Our journeys are integrated into business life by a pre- and post- expedition work with the teams we guide. The pre-journey is focused on establishing common ground for change and on deepening personal insights. The post-journey process is focused on capturing learnings from the expedition and translating them to decisions and action.

Our pillars

Our approach is aimed at creating memorable moments. We do this by using metaphors in many areas. How the situations you experience with us in the mountains can be applied to your everyday life. Our main pillars, also metaphors for what is needed in the mountains, are courage, direction and fire.


Extreme weather conditions, fatigue, hunger, thirst, difficult cooperation: in the mountains, you soon come up against yourself and each other: all this requires resilience and agility.

Courage is required to face your own shortcomings and dare to speak out. In the interest of yourself and your team.

At MountainMoves, we help you and your team to take the first step in expressing your obstacles and what it takes to take the next step. Because in order to actually achieve your goals, you also need to learn to deal with your fears.

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Stone men have been used for centuries to give DIRECTION: to mark a path or the top of a hill. They were formed by travellers who picked up stones in inhospitable areas and added them to an already existing stone mannequin. In this way, the path remains visible for those who come after you.

At MountainMoves, we help you and your team to walk their own path. We will help you mark your path, your peaks and your valleys. So that you and everyone else knows which route you have taken.


Fire is vital in any journey in the mountains. It gives you warmth, can be used to make drinking water from snow and you can cook on it. Fire is also essential for sharing stories. When people sit around the fire, they are willing to share their most personal stories.

Fire also has a deeper meaning for us: it symbolises change. Fire has the power to change one thing into something new. MountainMoves is the fire for your organisation to support change.

Who are we?

MountainMoves is led by Hans, Michael and Peter.
All three are passionate about the mountains, with a backpack full of experience from the business world and the desire to help people take impactful and challenging steps with pleasure and warmth.

Time and again we experience how powerful the mountain experience and metaphors are for us as individuals and for organisations. And on organisations.

Hans Bruns

Worked for years in organisations and lives and works since 2009 as entrepreneur, mountain guide in Austria with his family.

“The mountains are my home and I get people and teams moving in the mountains. I love to hike in the mountains, be around a campfire or in my alpine hut by listening and asking questions. I like to challenge myself and others and there the mountains offer a perfect environment and metaphor”

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Michael Hebben

Entrepreneur, Wilderness First Responder, outdoor expert. Married and father of two. Lives in Chamonix with his family.

“I connect problems of companies to solutions that nature offers: the mountains are pre-eminently an environment that provides many insights for growth and development. I support that process with my energy and reflection. For me, the mountains are the place to accelerate by slowing down”.

Peter van Woerkum

Executive coach, cold and breathing trainer, married and father of 3 daughters, living in Austria and regularly in the Netherlands.

“I help companies to initiate and realise major changes. My strengths are my sharp eye and my ability to connect. For me, the mountains are the place for real connection, inner reflection, sharp vision and taking bold steps.”

Client experiences

MountainMoves works with a wide variety of companies and leaders with various challenges. Managing a crisis, merging different departments, looking for the next step in growth. Our clients often know which bold step is needed for their organisations. We help them by translating these into impactful experiences that make a lasting change possible.


The development towards a next development phase of the organisation was started with a 3-day discovery tour. In which connection, fun and going beyond yourself were the most important things.

“During the trip, you saw people stand up and show that they are more articulate and decisive than thought. We came back as a different company.”


After an acquisition, the integration of two business unit teams was started. To build up real connection and trust, mixed teams searched for the limits of their comfort zone in a 2-day expedition.

“It was tough, but the warmth of each other and the result are something to be proud of together.”


After rapid growth, a management team builds a new composition in a 3-day igloo camp. During the building process, priorities, views and personalities are exposed.

“Physically, you really have to go for it. Where you really see what the qualities of the people are. Both positive and negative. And that you then have the question to answer as a team: how are you going to solve that?”

Reconnect Event

A management team has gone through a large number of changes in a short time. In consultation with the management, we take the entire MT into the mountains in the middle of winter. To really get to know each other by the warmth of the fire, to determine direction and to take bold steps.

Would you like to know more about our offer or would you like to discuss with us the tailor-made possibilities that are available? We are happy to make an appointment.



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